Brewster Chamber of Commerce

Hello and welcome to the web pages of the Chamber of Commerce of Brewster County, Texas. We are a small community of business owners from across Brewster County who are trying to help their businesses through networking and representation at state and local level. Currently we have over 100 members in our ranks and we hope you’ll join us soon.

Our organisation is a spur of the moment kinda thing. It all started at a town hall meeting of Brewster County business owners where we discussed some random zoning issue. In talking amongst ourselves, we realised that we as business owners rarely get together to talk, exchange information, make new business connections, etc. We were basically neglecting to network properly, which is close to suicide in this day and age.

Even though Brewster County doesn’t have industry on par with huge metropolises within its county limits, we still have some very interesting businesses that are operating here. Starting from businesses that offer basic services like hairdressers, to more highly specialized shops that focus on the sale and repair of high-quality¬†drones. It’s not all just desert sand and shrubbery. After all, Brewster County is larger than full-fledged states like Delaware and Connecticut.

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Brewster County history

Brewster County is a county located in the great state of Texas. It is situated in the western part of Texas to be more precise. County seat is the town of Alpine. Brewster was founded back in 1887, so we have a long history to be proud of. According to the latest estimates, made in 2015, the county has a population of close to 10.000 people. Alpine accounts for almost half of that, with the rest of the population being spread out to smaller towns like Marathon, San Vicente, Terlingua and several other unincorporated communities.

Brewster County shares his name with several other cities across the US. There’s one Brewster City in Massachusetts, for example. We still feel like our Brewster County is the best though. I mean have a look at the video montage up top of the more popular locations within our little piece of heaven. Luke Morales, the shop owner that sells affordable FPV drones in $200 range, recorded this and pieced it together using his own equipment. We might be small, but our hearts are big. Hopefully you come and visit us sometimes.

Businesses, shops and industry

Despite being relatively small, Brewster County is teeming with businesses and shops of all kinds. Back in the day when the county was just founded it was the mining boom of 1900s that caused the population to grow and with it for the Brewster County that we know and love today to take form and shape. Mining took place in the nearby Chisos Mountains. Large deposits of iron ore is that the Brewster County was founded on.

As the years went on and deposits of ore dwindled down to amounts that are not economic for extraction, population of Brewster County turned to agriculture and the service industry in order to get by. Agriculture and the service industry is what makes the corner stone of the modern day Brewster County economy. There is still some mining going on in some parts of the county, but it is nowhere near to the kind of extent that it once was.

Brewster County has hundreds of registered businesses that are for the most part centered around the city of Alpine, which is the county seat. Outside of the city limits there are farms and ranches that are scattered around the county, some ghost towns unfortunately, and small businesses that are the main reason for the creation of our very own Brewster Chamber of Commerce.

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Growing up in a small town gives you two things: a sense of place and a feeling of self-consciousness - self-consciousness about one's education and exposure, both of which tend to be limited. On the other hand, limited possibilities also mean creating your own options.
E. L. Konigsburg
Alpine City, Brewster County, Texas

The need for our organization

Folks who live in Brewster will undoubtedly know that Apline already has a Chamber of Commerce. How could you not know about it. They are after all one of the long time sponsors of the Christmas parade that will this year take place once again in December. Brewster Chamber of Commerce isn’t trying to steal the thunder of the Alpine Chamber of Commerce. We are not even officially registered yet.

Some of the business owners who are running their business outside of Alpine, that are scattered around the county, felt like there was a need to have an commerce organization on a country wide level. Most of the members of Brewster Chamber of Commerce are also members of the Alpine Chamber of Commerce. There is a significant overlap between the two and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. What’s the harm in having an additional club card membership.

The need for our organization then, the Brewster Chamber of Commerce, is to extend the coverage that the Alpine Chamber of Commerce is lacking in. We will work with business owners and merchants of the whole Brewster County, instead of just working in the area of Alpine. It’s pretty straightforward really.

Just last week we helped two of our newest members, Luke Morales from Terlingua and John Bishop from San Vicente. John is a photographer and he was looking for a way to bring his wedding photography to the next level. Luke hooked him up with some very advanced photography drones and now John has a new toy in his arsenal and Luke made a sale. I know that this type of thing isn’t something that Chamber of Commerce is supposed to do, but hey, as long as we can help each other at Chamber meetings I don’t see a reason why member to member sales can’t be a thing.

What kind of services are we offering?

Brewster Chamber of Commerce will focus its efforts on offering four main services:


Our primary goal is to offer our members representation at a local, state and even federal level. So far, since we're a new organization, it isn't entirely possible for us to influence federal policy in order to help our members. As far as local and state representation, we do wield some power there, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any kind of questions or you need help dealing with local and state government.

Legal Aid

Brewster Chamber of Commerce will be gathering a small team of people that will be able to give our members legal advice in case they end up caught in bureaucratic red tape, which happens more often than not. We're not making any promises, and we're actually still looking for a group of young individuals who would be willing to work with us on a part-time basis. However the goal is to have the legal team up and running in the next few months. Stay tuned.


Networking is very important in this day and age. If you want your business to stay alive and be profitable, you need to meet people, make new business connections, clients, etc. Sadly with the dawn of social media we seem to be doing less and less face to face networking and we rely more on talking to Twitter handles and Facebook profiles. We hope that our little initiative will help businesses get in touch more, make connections, business deals, etc.


We here at Brewster Chamber of Commerce think that giving back to the community is very important. For this reason we have decided to work closely with the community on important projects for the Brewster County. Latest effort that we have backed was the trash clean up project of elementary school children in the County. Soon we hope to launch our "Green Schools" initiative which promotes planting of trees in schools for a more greener environment.

Get social with us

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If you want to stay up to date on all the news and happenings surrounding the Brewster Chamber of Commerce make sure to like the official Facebook page of the Brewster County. All the important news and announcements, from the sheriff department, fire departments, the schools, etc. are published there, not just ours, so by liking the page you’re covered on all fronts. Announcements about Chamber meetings will also be posted on the town hall bulletin board, for all those who don’t have Facebook. To find out more about us, click here.

We have a contact page setup, with a contact form, for all those who want to get in touch with the Chamber management directly. Check it out if you have any kind of questions or you want to become a part of our family. Soon we plan on setting up our own social media profiles so that you can get in touch with us directly that way as well. Stay tuned until then, and don’t forget to subscribe to our News section for news and updates about the Chamber meetings and plans here on the website. Cheers.