Even though we have supposedly completely recovered from the 2008 recession, many folks don’t really feel like things have started looking up for them. Jobs are still scarce, and those that are available aren’t exactly the type of jobs that people can start a family on and build a future for themselves. What should a person then do in that situation, should they start their own business, is it a good idea to do that?

Starting your own business – is a good idea right now?

Brewster County isn’t exactly the thriving hotspot of business activity. There are very little businesses that are cropping up and we have practically none of them fancy startups that they have in California. With a population of about 10.000 people, our county isn’t so small that a new business can’t succeed and make a comfortable living for the owner.

Before you do decide to go and start a business, you need an idea. That’s the first obstacle. From our experience here at the Chamber of Commerce businesses that have decided to get into trade and hospitality are doing just fine. As the population is getting older, our county needs people who can fix things and take care of elders. Same is true everywhere I guess.

Once you have an idea, a good piece of advice is to acquire education and experience in the business that you’d like to setup. Work in the field for a while to learn the trade. School is the first step of course, and after that practice. Even better, you could acquire experience while studying in school.

Once you feel comfortable enough, you can start your business. We here at Brewster Chamber of Commerce will help out with any kind of advice that you might need. After all, that’s because we’re here.