Brewster County Chamber of Commerce is an unofficial organization whose goal is to help business within the Brewster County limits. Chamber is run by three key figures, Letitia Ferguson, Carol Jobe and Chris Duncan.

Letitia Ferguson – Letitia is the current head of the Brewster County Chamber of Commerce and she is also the person responsible for the website that you are currently reading. Letitia owns a beauty salon on the fringes of the Alpine. Her business, family and as of late the Brewster County Chamber of Commerce take up most of her time. On the rare occasion she manages to get a couple of days off, she enjoys taking a walk, watching a movie or spending time with her kids.

Carol Jobe – Carol is a long time friend of Letitia and she is actually one of the main reasons for the existence of the Brewster Chamber of Commerce. Carol owns a small pharmacy which is also located in the Alpine City. She wanted a way of getting in touch with business all across the Brewster County and the Chamber of Commerce that acts on the whole area of the county seemed like a great way to achieve just that. In her spare time Carol likes cooking, walking her dog and spending time with her family.

Chris Duncan – Chris joined our cause only recently. He is actually employed by the Chamber on a part-time basis as a legal consultant. He is a lawyer that specializes in property law. Me and Carol knew him from back in the day when we just started our businesses. Chris is a very versatile lawyer, despite specializing in property law, and he is here to help with any kind of legal issues that our members might have.

Of course the Chamber is helped by dozens of interns that are called in depending on need. Luckilly our membership is quite active, so we can rely on them for help during hectic events like meetings of the Chamber. If you want your business to become a member of the Chamber, send us a message and we will send you all the details on how to join.